Birthday Blast

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Yesterday was my 29th birthday all over again.
Okay, it was really the big 40.

The day started out with a surprise in my studio.
The wonderful artists that I am attending school with decorated my desk!
It made me feel loved.
Thank you guys!!
You are the best and I feel lucky to create with you!!
Then I had a Mad Hatters Paint Splattering Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Party.
My awesome friend, Sam Boehner, put it together for me with some help from a few others.
Thank you Sam! for being the bestest friend. 
I wore a tiara.
Of course.
It was held on the beautiful grounds of the Coast Collective Gallery.
We had cake and ice cream.
Everyone brought a topping to share.
And only one person brought chocolate sauce.
There was such a wonderful variety of toppings and flavors.


Pin the mustache on the Dali
Paint Splattering!

It was a great way to celebrate my birthday and being an artist.
To all of those that made it out to my party,
thank you for the wonderful gift of time and art!
Leslie Lambert

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