This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blind contour is a drawing exercise that improves your eye-hand coordination.

It is something that is often done in drawing classes and I have always enjoyed the exercise.

The concept of blind contour is that you are to draw your object without every looking at the paper you are drawing it onto.

You are to feel the object with your eyes as you draw it.

To do blind contour, set up an object or two in front of you.

Cover your hand with another piece of paper.

Slowly follow the contours of the object as you slowly draw it onto your paper.

Do not lift your pencil/pen as you do this.

If you have to go back over an area, do so without lifting the pencil.

Do not be tempted to look at your drawing until the end!

Blind contour also makes for a great game with kids.

It is always fun to see what silly things they can come up with from the same object.

It is also fun to see the improvement you will have in your own drawing over time.

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