Winsor & Newton
Permanent Rose
An all time favorite – permanent rose. 
I really did not like pink when I was little. I would get angry at my mother for buying me pink items. 
But now I love it! Of course it has to be a bright pink, not some pastel pansy pink. A pink that screams, look at me! I’m perfectly pink! 

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  • Unknown says:

    Leslie, I've been enjoying your color posts & something I noticed is your silver tube color … How do you get that? This one especially & others where the cap screws on … Very nice/real … Thanks Kath

  • Thank you Kathryn. It is just a combination of winsor blue, winsor yellow, and rose to get the perfect grey that looks silver:)

  • RH Carpenter says:

    You really did get the look of the little silver tubes W/N has gone to :) Love your color choices and I think these would look great in an art supply store or…as note cards for artists who would scoop them up! Lovely work, even though you've moved away from my favorites (blues) :)

  • Rhonda, I am trying to figure out what to do with them but I agree, note cards are a good idea.