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Discovery Passage Tour

By June 18, 2011April 21st, 20213 Comments
Discovery Passage Tour
     Discovery Passage is the water way between Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast on the mainland of Canada. It is dotted with islands, wildlife, and cruise ships on their way to Alaska. I teach a workshop in the area every spring at April Point Resort on Quadra Island.
I try to teach the workshop as close to the summer solstice as possible. I love that the sun doesn’t set til close to midnight and rises before 5 am.
This time I watched the sun go down and witnessed a green sky. It wasn’t the aurora borealis but a green sky like in those paintings of the north. When I first saw some of those paintings I thought it was just an artistic interpretation but was told otherwise. Apparently the further north you go, the more colorful the sky becomes. It was beautiful. It is such a calm and serene place to be. Perfect for an artistic getaway.
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