This entry was originally posted on Friday, March 23, 2012 

As you practice your beaded wash, you may discover that you missed a spot or two.

It may be tempting to fix it.

But don’t do it!

You will cause disarray and mayhem.

As you carry your bead of paint down the paper, the part that you just painted is drying faster than your bead.

By returning to your mishap, you will be adding very wet paint to a semi-wet area. The wet paint ends up pushing out the drying pigment and creates a bloom.

Then your beaded wash is done for and you hang your head and cry.

The tears from your crying will create more blooms.


So don’t go back.

Not yet.

The answer to this is to carry on.

Keep on painting.

Let your wash completely dry.

Then you can take care of your mishaps after your wash has dried.

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