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Be careful when handling your paper and don’t let others fondle it!

I am a paper snob.

I don’t like other people touching my paper.

I don’t know where their fingers have been and I don’t know what they have on them.

If greasy fingers touch my paper they leave greasy marks.

Greasy marks leave blemishes in my paintings and in my beautiful washes.

Not good.

To avoid this from happening, I am careful about choosing my paper from the paper drawer.

The top piece is usually the one that has been touched the most by other people.

So I carefully pull out my paper from the middle of the pile.

I try to only touch the edges of the paper so I don’t leave marks for others.

Then I carry it to the cashier by the edges.

This is when my snobiness really comes through.

I refuse to lay it on the counter and I refuse to let the cashier handle my paper.

They can hold the bag open but they can’t touch my paper.

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