This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When I was first introduced to a grid, I hated it!

It was one of those with all the little squares and it didn’t make much sense to me.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to a much better grid.

A whole other world of drawing opened up for me.

This grid starts with the last post where I showed how to draw in proportion from your photograph.

Using that same piece of paper, you will next draw another diagonal, making an X.

At the same time, you will draw and X on your photo.

Then you will draw a + through the middle of the X on both the drawing paper and photo

Now your paper and photo is divided into 4 rectangles. These rectangles are then divided up further by adding another X and + to each one.

Each one of these rectangles can again be divided up into smaller ones by making that X and +.

You can get as small as you want if you need to capture more detail.

I found this grid easier to follow because I was able to see negative spaces easier.

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