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Entertain the Creative Genius

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This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back when I first started this blog, I mentioned some guidelines to follow when starting a painting.

One guideline was to separate yourself from your genius.

I also mentioned that when you are ready to paint, your creative genius might show up in the studio or it might not.

However, when that creative genius does decide to come into your studio, make sure you entertain it.

Think of it as a guest coming to stay for the day or the week.

What do you normally do when a guest arrives at your door?

Most of us make time for our guests.

We clear our schedules.

We don’t answer the phones.

We don’t make other commitments.

We excuse ourselves from doing other things because our guest needs our attention.

The guest has arrived and we will entertain and be entertained as well.

I know it can be hard to entertain certain guests but think of the creative genius as your favorite guest.

Clear your schedule for the day.

Turn off the phone.

Cancel or postpone your appointments.

Ignore all the Facebook posts.

 Your best friend just arrived at your door and you need to spend some time entertaining your guest.

And if you make time for that creative genius of a guest, it will become your best friend.

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