Passion For Poinsettas

watercolor, 2003

       I have always had an affection for dinosaurs and even considered a career as a scientific illustrator of dinosaur bones. While at university in Utah, I spent some time cleaning and caring for dinosaur bones as I pursued my degree in Zoology. Upon graduation, I continued to work with dinosaur bones and taught biology classes at the Natural History Museum of Utah. It was at the museum that I worked with the Utah State paleontologist and discovered that the illustration of dinosaur bones was not for me. Too much math was involved and a move to Boston diverted me from the pursuit.  
       However, I still enjoyed dinosaurs (and still do) and painted a few for fun. In 2003, I was approached by Cogstone Resource Management, a California based company, and asked to create an illustration for their Christmas card. Cogstone is a paleontology company that specializes in the removal of dinosaur bones from construction sites. I, of course, was excited by the idea of painting more dinosaurs. After some sketches, the idea for an illustration of a stegosaurus with poinsettias was conceived. Passion for Poinsettias is the finished illustration.

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