Cherry Blossoms
Yay! It’s Spring! I love spring! Especially here in Victoria. The cherry blossoms are out and the days are getting longer. 
Cherry blossoms are some of my favorite blossoms. We had a cherry blossom tree in my front yard in Utah when I was younger. It always seemed so magical when it was in bloom. There weren’t very many in the neighborhood and since it was the prettiest tree on the block, I thought we were special to have one in our yard. Then I moved to Maryland when I was 9 years old, leaving that tree behind. Only to discover the plethora of blossoms around the tidal basin in Washington, DC. My family would make the trek into the city every spring to have a picnic (usually KFC in the wind and the cold) and a walk around the basin. The magic of the blossoms became even more of an event.
The blossoms continue to be magical  for me here in the Pacific Northwest. Vancouver celebrates with their own Cherry Blossom Festival and the streets of Victoria are lined with trees in bloom. I especially enjoy the petals when they swirl in the wind. It looks and feels like pink snow. 
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