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It was requested that I talk some more about stretching paper like a canvas.

Here is how I do it:

After I decide the size of canvas I want, I cut the paper to be 2 inches larger on each side. That is so it can fold over the stretcher bars and stapled on the back.

Then I wet the paper. This can be done in the bathtub or by spraying it really well.

I cut each corner up to the stretcher bar.

Each corner is then cut off at an angle.

Next I staple the center of one side and tuck in the corners and staple them

I continue to staple the centers of each side and tuck in the corners.

Finally I will gently pull the paper and staple from the center out.

This is similar to stretching an ordinary canvas.

Be sure to keep a spray bottle handy in case the paper starts to dry.

Then leave it to dry with the paper side up. It needs to be in a dry area when doing so.

Remember to use 100% cotton paper. It will expand when it is wet and will shrink up tight like a real canvas when it is dry.

After painting your watercolor, be sure to spray it with an acrylic or watercolor varnish and then you won’t need to put it under glass.

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