This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I am about to tell you may seem a little scary but there is a way to lift large areas of your watercolor that may seem amiss.

This is done by placing your whole painting under water

and gently scrub away the area that you want removed with a natural sea sponge.

The other areas will not be touched or ruined if you use the sponge on just the areas you want removed.

Then you need to lay it flat to dry.

Like I said, if done correctly, the rest of the painting will stay the way you originally painted it.

The sea sponge will not remove the color completely, but enough will be gone that you can start again.

For instance, in the painting below, the background portion on the right was scrubbed away.

The part on the left was not touched.

The color is not completely gone but I can still manage doing another (hopefully better) background.

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