This entry was originally posted on Thursday, March 29, 2012 

Mixing up a color for a wash or a pour may seem simple enough to many of you but you don’t know how many times I need to show the best way to do it to my students. Sometimes when you try to mix up paint, chunks of the paint are hiding at the bottom of the mix just waiting to surprise and destroy you in the middle of your perfect wash.


There are ways to prevent that from happening.

I know this from experience.

Trust me.

 Start off with a pea sized drop of paint and just a little bit of water.

But instead of putting that bit of paint at the bottom of the container, put it on the side.

Now use your yucky brush (NOT your nice sable), and start to slowly mix it into your water.

Once it is mixed, you may add more water until you reach the value and consistency that you like.

Do this whenever you need to add more paint as well.

Now you won’t be surprised.

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