This entry was originally posted on Saturday, February 18, 2012

You don’t usually need to mask large areas but since I pour a lot of my paintings, I do need to protect large areas of my painting.

I have tried using mack-tack and the sticky shelf liner but discovered that it still needs to be sealed along the edges with masking fluid or the paint still can get under the mack-tack. Then the masking fluid leaves a line which many don’t see but I do.

Instead I use the masking fluid to protect these large areas.

(Yes, I do use a lot but what else are you going to do with it?)

The easiest way to apply the masking to large areas is to first line the area with the masking fluid.

Then pour the fluid into the area and spread it with your finger.

The lined mask creates a damn and your finger puts it on quickly.

Plus it is easy clean up.

Just wash your hands afterwards.

But be careful not to spill it onto your clothes.

It will never come out!*


*Update: I have since discovered that Goo Gone will get masking fluid out of most clothes (but not all).

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