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Paint For the Love of It

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This entry was originally posted on Friday, August 3, 2012

As I was running through my favorite park this morning I was reflecting on how painting is like running.

I started running just 3 years ago.

I probably will never win a race.

I probably will never be a great runner.

I know I don’t look like a runner with a thin, lithe runner’s body.

But I certainly love running.

I love discovering new places and seeing new things while running.

I love the rhythm that my legs and my arms get into while running.

I love the ideas I get while running.

I love the weight of the world being lifted as I run.

I love the feeling I get after I have completed a run.

The same can be true of painting.

You may not ever win an award or be one of the great painters of the world or even look like an artist.

(what does an artist look like anyways?)

but that is not why most of us paint.

We paint because we love it.

So the question is:

What do you love about painting?

Why do you paint?

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