Rathtrevor Beach II

By January 8, 2010April 21st, 20212 Comments
I enjoyed doing the painting of Rathtrevor Beach so much that I had to do another one. I have been in a painting funk for some time but recently all I have been wanting to do is paint! Some days I want to paint more than anything else. I tend to ignore the world and my other responsibilities just so I can paint. For instance, I am working on another large pour and I am really excited about it. I spent all of yesterday working on it and while I waited for it to dry, I finished this small painting. My computer wasn’t turned on, the dirty dishes continued to linger in the sink, and I let the answering maching pick up all my calls. I have emails I need to answer but I think do I really have to? I know it takes time away from painting. . . maybe they can wait til tomorrow. . . I need to go paint.
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