Red Canoe

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Red Canoe
Two weeks ago I taught a workshop at April Point Resort and Spa on Quadra Island. It was the last one before my summer studies started at UVic. I planned on posting it sooner but in my haste to return home my children in Vancouver, I left it at my friend’s house in Victoria and undocumented by my camera. Now that I am back in Victoria, I was able to retrieve it and photograph it for all of you to see.
School started yesterday and I am already overwhelmed by the experience. I am considering blogging about it all on a different site. My only drawback is the time. Will I have the time or will I be soooo into painting that I will lose the concept of time? However, I do have to be in classes at certain times so it can’t pass me by too much.  It is all still to be determined and I will keep you posted.
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