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There is one painting in my Views of Victoria exhibit that is not of Victoria and surrounding areas. It is the one of the stairs at El Molino in Spain. I put this in because I am taking a group of students from here to Spain in June. It is a 12 day painting excursion in Andalucia (Southern Spain). It will be a wonderful tour of the area and painting instruction with myself and Rick McDiarmid. There are a few spots left so if you are interested, more information may be found at http://www.flavourofspain.net/.
Rick works in watercolour and acrylic. His site is http://www.richardsmcdiarmid.com/
There is also a YouTube video about El Molino and some of the places we will see. El Molino is a beautiful old mill and bakery that has been turned into a B&B. Click on the link to view the video
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