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Spanish Holiday

By December 20, 2010April 21st, 20217 Comments
Spanish Holiday
Poured Watercolor
Last month I was scheduled to do a demonstration for the Nanaimo Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists. This demonstration was to be on how I do my poured watercolors. I spent a few weeks preparing the process of which includes 5 pours in all. Since most of the pouring process involves waiting for things to dry, I decided to speed it up by doing 5 different versions of the same painting. Each painting, however, has something a little bit unique about them.
Unfortunately, on the day of the demo we had a snow storm. I decided it would not work for me to drive the 1.5 hours over the mountain pass to Nanaimo for the demo. So, now that classes have ended I decided to finish a couple of them. The first one sold to a friend as soon as it was done and now I need to finish the rest.
Here is another (smaller) version without the couple:
Another Spanish Holiday
Poured watercolor
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