This entry was originally posted on Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have another type of spray bottle that I like to use in painting.

It has a harder spray and I can control how much water spritzes out of the nozzle.

I use this spray bottle for some really fun and cool effects.

Since it is a harder spray, it will dribble and drip onto the surface of the paper instead of evenly coating it with a fine mist.

So I use it to push my paint around and see let the water and paint flow.

The thing to remember is that the paint will usually only flow into areas that have water.

Too much water will cause it to flow too far and too fast.

Sometimes you want that.

Sometimes you don’t.

It is also best to do this technique on paper that has not been stretched.

You want the paint to skip across the surface and will do so better if the sizing is still in the paper.

The Hollyhocks are done using this technique.

Close up of an area how the paint reacts to being sprayed.

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