Stormy Sky

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Stormy Sky
Yesterday was the last of my skies class. To finish off, I taught the class how to do the above painting. We did 7 skies in the 8 weeks. Some were a real challenge but it was great to see what everyone accomplished. I really enjoyed painting and teaching different skies but I especially enjoyed my students. I must admit that it was one of the best groups that I have taught and I will miss them. 
This week has been another crazy week. I have my studio tour in 2 weeks and I agreed to do a couple of pouring demonstrations as I continue to teach several more classes. O yes. And the sleepover birthday party for my 10 year old son. A house full of 10 year old boys should be fun. Not sure what I was thinking? I always think I can do more than I actually can. I’ve decided that I can get it all done if I just cut out the sleep. It would also help if the weather and the car cooperated. Might as well throw the kids into that mix. Maybe I could bribe the 10 year old boys to clean?
Hopefully the stars, the universe and everything else will align in such a way that I can get it all done.
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