This entry was originally posted on Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recently I have been doing painting demonstrations for different art groups around town.

One question that I always get when I am demonstrating is:

“What kind of brush are you using?”

This is usually when I am using my absolute favorite brush.

It is a Raphael Series 8404 in size 6.

Unfortunately I cannot find it in Canada.

(Sad face)

I LOVE this brush!

It is a pure kolinsky sable brush so it holds a lot of water and paint.

It will also slurp up a lot of water or paint when doing wet in wet.

It keeps a beautiful point and has great spring to it.

It is an extension of me and the thought of living without it puts me into panic mode.

(which goes against one of my suggested guidelines)

Now before you go buying out all the Raphael brushes,

please remember to leave some for me!

You really don’t want to see me in panic mode!


* Update: I have since discovered DaVinci brand brushes and now use the DaVinci Series 35 for my brushes. I thought I was in love before, but I was wrong. The DaVinci brush is like my soul mate and helps me create magic with my paintings.

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