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Sunday Secrets #29

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This entry was originally posted on Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today’s Sunday Secrets comes from Jen in Victoria, BC

Her question is: Do you have a list of books that you recommend for beginning watercolorists?

There are so many wonderful watercolor books out there but there are a few that I recommend to my students.

Here is the list:

  1. How To Make A Watercolor Paint Itself by Nita Engle

This book is one that I refer to the most in my classes. It has so many wonderful techniques and Nita really shows how to use the natural properties of water and paint to your advantage.

  1. Watercolor: Painting Outside the Lines by Linda Kemp

This is my favorite book for teaching and understanding the concept of negative painting. Since watercolor uses so much negative painting, it is a good concept to grasp.

  1. Watercolor Basics: Let’s Get Started by Jack Reid

Jack shows in simple steps how to paint in watercolor. This is demonstrated in everything from how to stoke the paint on with a brush to how to complete a simple painting.

  1. Painting Beautiful Watercolors From Photographs by Jan Kunz

This book is wonderful for showing how to set up a simple still life and photograph it. Jan also shows how to create different compositions from one photograph.

  1. Painting Watercolor Portraits That Glow by Jan Kunz

Another great book by Jan shows how to approach portrait painting. Even a beginner can follow along.

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