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Tofino Waves

By April 16, 2010April 21st, 2021One Comment
I am frantically getting ready for my studio tour this weekend and decided I needed a break. It has been an interesting and hectic week.
It started last Thursday when I had this brillant idea to have my daughter fix chocolate chip cookies for me and my new class on Friday. Left her to fix the cookies while I ran my son to Scouts. When I came home, I was informed that our new puppy pulled the cookies off the counter and ate them. My daughter and husband decided that the dog being sick was punishment enough. But guess who was punished. I was up all night long cleaning up the vomit. So the next morning when my new class arrived, I was exhausted and the house smelled of dog vomit and vinegar.
Then the car broke down on the way from school on Tuesday which also happens to be one of my busiest days. We had to walk home but fortunately my husband managed that whole business. Then my appliances have chosen this week to rebel. The washer overflowed all over the laundry room. Water and wet shoes and dirty laundry everwhere that started to smell because I had a hard time keeping up with it. Finally, the fridge decided yesterday it didn’t want to work- again! Looks like the family might be living off of Campbell Soup for awhile.
So if you come to my house this weekend and it smells like dog vomit, moldy socks, and sour milk, you might now understand why. I have tried to get rid of the smell but I am honestly ready to give up. I am exhausted, hungry, dirty, and still have another class to go. Time to pray to the caffeine god.
If you do come, however, please bring your checkbook and your friends with money and ready to buy because I need a new fridge! That or another housekeeper.
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  • Unknown says:

    I can't get over how WONDERFUL the waves turned out on this Leslie! When I saw it, you were just beginning to paint this composition…what a transformation! I'm going to have to do a heck of a LOT of practicing to even get a 10th of the effect you've captured here. I just LOVE it!