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By March 1, 20172 Comments
With the publication of my book, Watercolor 365, I have been posting new entries on the blog where it all started. This blog, Watercolor Weapons, has not been a focus of mine for some time. However, I decided to post some of the illustrations that went into the making of the book. 
These illustrations are of my favorite art supplies. The supplies are just photographs in the first two chapters but slowly start to turn from photos into paintings as the book progresses. By the last 2 chapters, the supplies are all fully painted. 
You can view these illustrations and the progression of these illustrations by going to my Watercolor Weapons blog by clicking here. 
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  • RH Carpenter says:

    I so enjoyed seeing the paintings and photos you put in the book – but your paintings were all so wonderful, I can't imagine they'd choose a photo over a painting! You take our ordinary art room supplies and make them so interesting and beautiful :) Hope the book is selling like hot chocolate on a cold day :)

  • Rhonda, I love how you put that! Selling like hot chocolate on a cold day. I absolutely love hot chocolate so I hope so! I think my next book needs to just be the illustrations of the supplies. Thank you for buying the book and for cheering me on for all these years! I really would love to meet you in person someday:)