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I started this painting in one of my classes and finally had the time to finish it a couple of days later. It is from photograph I took while I was whale watching near Quadra Island. Didn’t see any whales but my friend and I did see every other kind of wildlife imaginable (excluding sheep).
I feel like I overworked this piece. Maybe it is because I did it over a couple of days and probably broke my 1 hour rule. But I will try, try again.

Because I did feel like I overworked the other painting, I did have to try again and this is the result. It is of the Great Salt Lake again. It was done in 55min and I am quite pleased. There is a freshness to it that the other one lacks. Now I know that I need to do it all in one go and I can’t put it down until it is done.

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  • Leslie, These are both beautiful! I also love your pic's from Yellowstone. We went there this summer, and it is beautiful.

  • Unknown says:

    I think I like them for completely different reasons Leslie….the more detailed one has wonderful richness which is probably what you consider overworking it. While the other is more simplistic and definitely has that freshness about it.

    There both keepers in my book!

  • They both are keepers and whoever wants to keep them are welcome to purchase them! LOL
    And I will be doing more of Yellowstone. It is one of my favorite places to go.