Mt Baker

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Here it is! The painting of Mt. Baker as viewed from Oak Bay Marina. It is spread across 5 canvases and yes, it is a watercolor. I think you can click on the painting to view it closer.
The client has a fireplace with a wraparound mantle. The first 3 panels will be above the fireplace and the last 2 will be on the side. She requested a view of Mt. Baker with the colors of a Caribbean ocean since she felt like the colors of the ocean here are too grey and drab. Her living room can be dark during the winter months and wished to have it brighter to offset our grey and drab winters. (Imagine that!)

I originally painted it the way the ocean looks here with the aquamarine colors but discovered that she actually wanted not only the colors of the Caribbean but the way the ocean looks as well. Our ocean is dark up close and fades to light at the horizon. Caribbean water is light and gets darker in the distance because of the white sand.

The sky is done with a pouring technique and created some wonderful effects It is interesting to work on canvas. It doesn’t absorb the same way that paper does. And if I drop any water on a finished part, I have to redo the whole area! Crazy.
Today my client gave the final approval and now I will seal it so it doesn’t need to go under glass. O the wonders of canvas.

I also received the news today that I have been chosen to show my work at the Gallery Cafe at the Cedar Hill Rec Centre this coming March. Now I need to get back to work!

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  • Cheryl says:

    Leslie, this is a wonderful picture – very interesting too with what your client has asked you to do with the colours. All of your paintings have a very nice feel to them – your landscapes are great but your portraits say so much. I was able to visit your house during an open house/artist tour type event a couple of years ago – love your work.


  • Unknown says: