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I should be frantically getting ready for my upcoming studio tour but instead I am painting. This one is a typical west coast scene of Tofino. I love Tofino but I sure wish it would be sunnier whenever we go.
As I said, my studio tour is approaching and I have a crazy week ahead. My son’s birthday is Tuesday and what does he want to do? Go camping! We haven’t decided when we will go but it might be when the rain stops long enough to build a fire. That should be sometime next June. We may be cooking hot dogs and smores right here at home in our own fireplace. Sounds good to me. I don’t like the rain and I like the cold even less.
Once the birthday bash is over with, I can get serious and clean my house and hang some paintings.
I will be having a sale on some of my older and some smaller pieces. My daughter is also making these amazing watch bands. I have enjoyed helping her but she is definitely better at it than I am. I think it is because my fingers are too big for small delicate beads. I prefer a brush in my hand.
Studio Tour is this coming weekend, November 14-15, noon-4:30pm. Hope many of you can make it!

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