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Sidney Fine Art Show 2009

Last night was the opening reception and awards ceremony for the Sidney Fine Art Show. It was an amazing evening and the art was wonderful to view. I had 3 pieces accepted into the show. One is a watercolour and the other 2 are frescoes. (The watercolour is in the middle)

The frescoes are done by painting watercolour onto a board that has been covered with clay. It is similar to what was done centuries ago when artists painted on the walls. The paint was applied to wet plaster or clay. Therefore, my work is similar. I wet the clay and paint into it with the watercolour. The the surface is fixed with a spray and a clear acrylic coating to protect the painting. I am enjoying it immensely. My new series on the clayboard is of young girls in sunglasses.

It was nice to see so many watercolours at the show. When I first entered the show 2 years ago, there were very few watercolours chosen. But this time, wow! I couldn’t believe how many there were. There was even watercolour on canvas, which is something I have been working on as well.

I was also happy to see that a few of my former students made it into the show. A few of my friends won prizes and a few others sold.
My pouring workshop for next weekend is full. A few people are coming over from Vancouver and the interior for the workshop. That is exciting. Now I need to figure out what to do. And I need to figure it out soon.
I am also finished (finally!)with my commission on watercolour canvas. It is a view of Mt Baker from Oak Bay Marina spread out over 5 canvases. I will post it when I get it photograph.

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