I finally got back nearly two weeks ago from a wonderful trip to Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Very relaxing and I saw many friends and took many, many reference photos.

Life has been crazy ever since. Got back on Tues, July 15. My largest show of the year (Moss St Paint-In) was that Saturday. It went great. Then my brother announced that he and his family would like to come up for a visit that following Tuesday. Monday was spent cleaning until my son went through a plate glass window. He is fine, thank goodness. 28 stitches in all for the cuts on his arms and one on his head. Never want to go through that again!
Anyway, my brother ended up arriving Wed morn, left Friday afternoon, and I had a demo on Sat at the Sooke Fine Art Show. I woke up Sat without a clue what I was going to demonstrate! I figured it out but I did forget my lovely new books to show off at the show. My life might get back to normal this week.

The really exciting news is that I will be teaching at Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River this September. I received an email from them as soon as I arrived home and had it all set up a couple of days later. Their website is www.obmg.com/learn

The other exciting news is that my painting First Love had the little red sold sticker on it when I went to the Sooke show. The show was beyond my expectations! The work was incredible and inspiring. Now I really must get back to work.

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