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This past Saturday I demonstrated a portrait at Opus Art Supplies in Victoria. I was surprised to see people there waiting to watch it before I even arrived! I did a watercolor of my niece in the 2 hours that I demonstrated. Wasn’t able to finish her but came close. I will post it when she is done. May not get to it this week though. Swamped with other work and classes.

It was a steady flow of people and had about 20 people watching at one point! Unfortunately I was so into my work that it was hard to see who did show up. There were some great questions and I hope that I answered all of them.

The best part for those that watched is that Opus offered 10% off of all the supplies I mentioned, if they carry them. And they carry most (all except the easel and my favorite brush, I think)

I did have a calendar of all my upcoming workshops for those that were interested. And it is alot!

Each workshop is different so I hope that I am able to cover a range of interests. Watercolor is so awesome!

I am off to the studio to finish a pen and ink of a house for a client. Not my favorite thing but looks like I will get a portrait commission out of it.

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