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Ronda, Spain

poured watercolor on aquaboard


Another common question I receive from my students and my collectors is,

“What is Aquaboard?”

Aquaboard is hardboard that has been coated with clay made by Ampersand. It is similar to the texture of cold press watercolor paper and accepts watercolor paint very nicely. There are a few differences though.

The main difference is that the surface is more workable than paper. The paint can be lifted much easier. This is wonderful for lifting mistakes or to lighten an area. Just be careful when layering. It doesn’t seem to dry as evenly as paper so make sure the area you are layering is completely dry before doing another glaze.

The color also appears more vibrant than with paper. It is easier to achieve a brighter color and darker darks with fewer glazes.

I find that aquaboard has a beautiful texture that even though it appears similar to cold press paper, it is not. It is a nice pebbly type texture though that lends well to certain subjects. It does accept masking fluid and wet in wet painting can be done on it. Painting on the aquaboard is not exactly like painting on paper but is pretty close.

The best part about the aquaboard is that you seal it with a clear fixative and it doesn’t need to be put behind glass.


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