This entry was originally posted on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

Unless I am working plein air (painting outdoors) or from life, I try not to draw on my paper.

That is because when I draw, I want to erase.

Then draw again.

And erase again.

Then before I know it, I have ruined my beautiful paper with my multiple pencil marks, eraser smudges, and the oils from my fingers.

It becomes difficult to have a nice even wash when this happens.

Here is my tip for the day:

Instead of drawing directly onto your paper, draw your image out on tracing paper. You can erase and smudge to your little heart’s content and not ruin your paper.

After it is on the tracing paper, it can then be transferred onto the watercolor paper using graphite/transfer paper.

Now your paper stays pristine.

Plus you still have that drawing just in case your kids decide they want to paint on your painting when you are not looking.


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