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Glazing Over Salt and Opaques

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  This entry was originally posted on Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glazing with clear water or with a color over the results of salt and/or opaque colors can be a tricky thing to do.

Because the opaques and the salt leave the pigment on the surface of the paper instead of staining it,

they can be lifted easily.

To glaze a color over these means that they might lift and mix with the color you are glazing with.

Then you have either ruined the salt effect or you’ve made mud.

To avoid doing this, make the glaze color nice and juicy.

Then quickly pass over the surface of your paper with your brush in one go.

Your brush should barely touch the surface of the paper.

If you stay on the paper too long with your brush, it will lift the color.

If it not the right color yet, you need to be patient.

Let it dry.

Then try again.

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