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In my previous post, I mentioned to break down areas of large wet-in-wet painting into areas.

This is easiest to do if you have natural lines in your painting where you can stop.

However, sometimes you don’t and you don’t want to create a hard line.

For those areas, you can wet the big area with water and just paint a portion of it.

Then let it dry.

Re-wet the whole area after it has dried and then paint another section.

For instance, in the above painting I wanted to do the mountain all wet-in-wet.

However, the piece is 40″ long and it was a hot, dry day while I was working on it.

I wet the paper on the left hand side to about the middle of the white area that you see and worked on just a section to the left.

I didn’t paint this section all the way to the dry area. I stopped before then so I did not get a hard line.

 I was able to work on the right hand section, wetting the paper until the middle of the white also.

Then I let the whole area dry before I did the middle section.

This is what it looked like when complete:

Grand Prismatic Pool

Yellowstone National Park


(Work In Progress)

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