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Sunday Secrets #31

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This entry was originally posted on Sunday,  August 19, 2012

Another question from Jenny of California is:

What watercolor magazines would you recommend?

That is a good question, Jenny.

Thank you for asking.

I have been a long time fan of American Artist’s Watercolor magazine.

There are 4 issues each year and it features some of the best watercolorists out there.

American Artist (the parent magazine) is also worth the investment.

Watercolor Artist is another good magazine with some useful tips for beginners.*

This past year I was introduce to a really fabulous watercolor magazine from France.

It is The Art of Watercolour.

I was blown away by the work in the pages of this publication.

It represents many international watercolor artists,

some of whom I have never heard of.

There is a digital edition but I prefer perusing the hard copy.

It can be ordered by clicking here.

Update: American Artist and Watercolor Artist are no longer in publication. There are now other publications about art and watercolor that stemmed from these magazines. One is The Artists Network. More information can be found by clicking here. 

A wonderful online publication is American Watercolor Weekly. More information can be found here. 

 The Art of Watercolour  is still being published.

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