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Painting Upside Down

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This entry was originally posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A common drawing exercise in most art courses is to practice drawing upside down.

This is done so your mind separates itself from seeing what it thinks it sees to what it actually does see.

It will focus on shape, value, and color much better if it doesn’t know what it is you are painting.

There is another reason to paint upside down.

And sideways, and sometimes from all directions.

I will often paint upside down when I have something to paint in the far left hand corner of my painting.

You see, I am right handed and keep all my paints and water container on the right side of the painting.

So when I turn my painting upside down, I protect my paper from drips and dribbles and my arm from overstretching, and my sleeve from picking up wet paint.

Makes sense, I know, but I am surprised how often I see students reaching clear across their paper to paint in the furthest corner of their painting.

The most important thing to remember when painting upside down:

Turn your photo reference upside down to match the painting!

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