Portrait of 3 girls

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Commissioned Portrait
I haven’t been able to produce anything new since the week before Christmas. Between the holidays and packing, it has been hard to get any painting done. However, we have found a new place in Vancouver and we are now even more excited to move! We will be living in the Point Grey/ Kerrisdale area of Vancouver which is just a fantastic part of the city. It is a huge thing off the list of a bizillion things to do.
Another thing to get done is this portrait of 3 little girls. I did the oldest child in my portrait class and thought I would have time over the holidays to get the rest done. HA! That was before I discovered that my life will be changing in a big way. So I am now trying to work on the painting a little bit each day. It is a welcome break from packing and cleaning.
As you can see, each of the girls are in various stages of progression. The image is taken from a couple of different photographs. Hopefully I will be able to post it again soon with it more complete.
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