Poured Watercolor of Don Curro Day 1

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Many years ago I created a video of my poured painting process. It was of my painting, Cordoba Cafe. Then I went on to create a few smaller videos. Then that all stopped as life got crazy and in the way.  I got a Masters degree, started teaching at the University of Victoria, wrote a book, illustrated a children’s book, got a divorce, watched the kids graduate from high school, and moved many, many times. Now I am finally settled in Idaho teaching and painting again. So basically, my life and plans had to be put on hold for awhile.

Or rather, my plans evolved into something new and different. Which is not a bad thing. I mean, I wrote a book!! Who would of thought?! I never imagined that I would write a book. Watercolor 365 has now been out for nearly 2 years and I am so grateful that it all worked out and to all those readers that have purchased it. As for illustrating a children’s book, that was a dream come true.  Now I hope to illustrate even more.

Through it all though, I have wanted to get back to posting videos. But we all know how crazy life can be and how much time it takes to watch other people painting instead of painting ourselves, right? So I decided to give my viewers just minute sized bites of the painting process. Each day will be yet another minute sized clip of only the essentials.

Today’s video is from the archives of a poured watercolor I did a few years ago. My son had filmed it for me and decided I should not let the video footage go to waste. It is the beginnings of the painting, Don Curro. So take a minute to see how I start a poured watercolor and stay tuned for more tomorrow.
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