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Jen from Victoria, BC asks

“How did you come up with Watercolor Weapons as the name for your blog?”

 Ha! That is a great question.Thanks for asking.

My children are into superheroes.

Years ago they gave me a Wonder Woman belt buckle and t-shirt and informed me that it not only stands for Wonder Woman but for Watercolor Woman.

I am Watercolor Woman.

I originally wanted to call the blog Watercolor Woman but thought it didn’t quite sound like a tips blog. Besides it was taken.

Not only am I Watercolor Woman in our home but my children also call me The WaterBender

This is after the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. It is an animated show that my children have watched for years.

In the show, the characters “bend” or use different elements to fight with.

There are earth, fire, air, and water.

Each character can bend one element and the Avatar is able to use them all.

My element is water.

Water is the element of change which we all can attest to when painting with it.

Waterbending is the hydrokinetic ability to control water.

(my daughter told me that)

It is also flowing and graceful.

(Remember that as you paint)

Since I use water as my weapon of choice and I teach others how to “bend” water,

I thought that Waterbender or Waterbending or something like that might work.

They were also taken.

A few other things were considered but I wanted to use the alliteration of the two WWs and my superhero persona (ha-ha!) combined with my skills as a water bender.

Watercolor Weapons fit it perfectly.

And that is my how the name of this blog came about.

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