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Sunday Secrets #20

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This entry was originally posted on Sunday June 3, 2012

A question was posed in my class this past week that I thought I would address as my Sunday Secret.

The question was:

What is the difference between hue and regular watercolor colors?

Many of you have probably noticed that some colors come as hues, i.e. cobalt hue for cobalt blue or manganese hue for manganese blue.

A hue is a color that is similar to the original but an ingredient (usually the main pigment) has been substituted.

This substitution is made either because the original pigment is toxic or to keep price down.

The color of a hue is quite similar to the original color.

However, I have noticed that since the original pigment is no longer present, the property of the paint may be slightly different.

For instance, the hue may not be as staining or as granulating as the original.

Both Cobalt hue and Manganese hue are common since the minerals have been removed from paints due to environmental concerns and toxic by-products.

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