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Sunday Secrets #25

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This entry was originally posted on  Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today’s Sunday’s Secrets comes from the class I was teaching yesterday.

It is:

“What is the advantage of using 300lb cold press paper for portraits?”

There are a few advantages to this.

First of all, it doesn’t buckle the way 140lb tends to buckle and warp when it gets really wet.

Thus, the heavier weight paper will accept a lot of water easier.

Because of this, layering is an asset.

You can layer and build up your portrait without worrying that your paper will no longer accept the paint.

Since the paper is thick, you can also scrub and erase more.

If you are heavy handed with the paint and color and want to lighten up, the 300lb paper will help with this.

It will absorb more water and paint than 140lb paper,

so the final appearance when dry will be lighter than it would be on the 140lb paper.

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