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Today’s Sunday Secret is from Jenny from California.

She asks,

“What is a good tape to use for watercolor paper?”

Thanks for the question, Jenny.

There are many types of tapes out there but I prefer your ordinary masking tape.

White Artist Tape does work well and it is nice that it is acid free and ph neutral.

It is not super sticky so it is easy to lift when your painting is complete.

However, it is difficult to find outside of the U.S. and can be expensive.

I have also seen many artists use Painter’s Tape.

This usually comes in blue or green.

I don’t think this is a good tape to use because the colors will throw your eye off.

You will start to paint as if your border will be that shade of blue or green and it will definitely affect the outcome of your painting.

Then there is also the Butcher’s or Kraft paper tape.

This is brown and needs to be wet to adhere to the paper.

I have not had success with this tape.

It will not always stick and when it does finally stick, it is difficult to remove.

I have torn a few paintings trying to remove it.

Regular masking tape  may not be archival or acid free but I find that it works great.

I discovered that when I started to paint daily or almost daily, I used a lot of tape.

Masking tape is the most economical and easiest to find.
I have taught in remote areas and need tape in a pinch. Masking tape can always be found.

It is also neutral colored.

Plus you can buy it in bulk. I have rolls of it all over my studio and don’t get frustrated trying to find my one roll of tape.

I have discovered that the higher quality masking tape is much better than the dollar store variety though.

It sticks better.

Just be sure to take it off your painting after a few days or weeks.

It will start to bake into the paper and be harder to take off after that amount of time.

And since it isn’t archival, the glue will affect the paper over time.

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