This entry was originally posted on Sunday,  August 26, 2012

Yesterday I demonstrated my pouring watercolor technique for a local group.

Of course I was asked about the colors that I use for the demonstration.

I was surprised to discover that I have not addressed this question here in my blog.

So I though it was time to let you know what colors I use when pouring and why.


First of all, I usually only use 3 colors.

The three primaries- one yellow, one red, one blue.

Every other color comes from a combination of some or all of these colors.

However, which yellow, which red, and which blue I use will vary.

For my yellows, I will use either Winsor Yellow or Winsor Lemon.

For red, I use Permanent Rose, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, or Winsor Red.

For blue, I will use either Winsor Blue or Indanthrone Blue.

My reasoning beyond the fact that I like these colors is that these colors stain.

It is important to have staining colors when pouring.

That is because masking fluid will be put on top of the dried paint.

If the paint is a nonstaining color, the color will lift when the masking fluid is lifted.

If the paint is staining, it will stay put.

Simply reasoning, really.

But it works.

More information about the staining quality of a color can be found on each of the manufacturer’s website.

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