This entry was originally posted on Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today’s Sunday Secrets comes from Miriam in New York.

She has several questions about stamping watercolor from a previous post.

Her questions are:

Can you reuse a stamp on another painting at a later time or do you have to make a new stamp?

How deep to you cut your stamp and how much paint do you load on the stamp?

Thank you for the questions, Miriam.

First of all, I have been able to reuse a stamp but not for long (it will only last 2-3 times).

It is best to make the stamp out of illustration board if you do want to reuse it.

Second, the deeper the stamp is cut, the more it does show the image and the more texture you will get.

This is something you will have to just play with to discover what you like.

Finally, I find that I do need to put quite a bit of paint on the stamp.

It is best to test the stamp on a separate piece of paper before proceeding to your masterpiece.

Hope those answer your questions.

Good luck and enjoy the stamping!

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