This entry was originally posted on Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have two questions to answer this week.

These questions were asked as part of the comments posted on my YouTube video about pouring watercolor.

The first question was:

How do you wet your paper (while pouring)?

Before I begin pouring paint, I wet my paper thoroughly.

I do this with a large hake brush. A hake brush is a wash brush with soft hairs. I prefer this over a regular wash brush because the bristles are softer and don’t scratch or lift the layers of paint I have already put down.

I sometimes will pour water onto the painting and spread it all over the paper with the hake brush.
Then I pour the paint.

The second question was:
Do you use less water on the paper as you add darker layers?

No, I do not use less water on the paper but I do use less water in the paint.
For the darker layers, I wet the whole paper again with the hake brush. I will then shake off the water that is sitting on top of all the layers of masking fluid. While the paper is still wet, I pour the paint that is more concentrated in color


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