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When deciding upon paper, you may wonder which is better to purchase:

Sheets or Blocks?

Watercolor blocks are blocks of paper that are stacked and then attached to a backing board. The paper is kept together with glue on all four sides. The purpose of the block is that there is no stretching required (the paper is already stretched and attached) and it is great for travel. The top sheet is painted on and when done, you take off the top sheet and another one is ready for use. It is great if you do travel and like the convenience of everything in one place.

However, my preference is for the sheets. Here’s why:

The sheets are less expensive than the blocks.

I can cut the sheet into the size I want.

They are just as easy to carry as the blocks. All I have to do is tape them to a lightweight board.

I can work on more than one painting at a time. (unless I carry 2 blocks)

I prefer the texture of the sheets. It feels like the papers in the blocks are pressed flatter than the sheets even though they may both be cold press paper.

Finally, the paper in the blocks will warp and separate from the rest of the block with enough water. Then it needs to be taped back up or onto another board. I tend to work wet in wet so this is something that does not appeal to me.

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