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I have several boxes of tissue in my studio.

It is handy to have when you make a mistake or you need to quickly dab at your painting.

I even have the travel size packages in my tote bag.

I am very picky about my tissue.

It needs to be just the right amount of softness and it needs to be able to wick away water or paint.

Some of the less expensive brands don’t wick anything away and frustrate me.

Perhaps that is just me.

The most important thing about finding the right tissue though is to

stay away from the lotion or anti-viral tissues.

The chemicals in them sometimes transfer to your paper (especially the lotion ones) and it becomes more difficult to paint over that spot again.

*When I was writing the book, my editor requested the name of my favorite brand of tissue. I do have one and I did tell her. It showed up in the book so I assume she was able to get permission from the company to include it, whereas some other items I named, were renamed to the generic term. If you have my book, then you do know the brand of tissue and no, I do not have stock in that company. Perhaps I should consider it.

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