Watercolor Portrait

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Commission Portrait, watercolor, 22×30″
I was asked a few weeks ago if I have ever done a portrait in watercolor. That is when I realized that I haven’t shown many of my portraits on this blog. Although my focus this past year has been pours and landscapes, I do paint portraits. It use to be my favorite thing to paint but have enjoyed exploring many other things.
The above painting is my latest portrait. It is a commission of a teenage son and daughter. The family lives at the beach so they wanted that feel to the painting. I think I accomplished this request.
I started this commission at the same time that I started another one. However, the other piece had an unpleasant outcome for me. It was a lesson learned in using my own photos, among others. 
This piece sat unfinished for a couple of months before I could even think about approaching it. This time the result was much better and I am so happy to have done it. I am now ready to get back to more commissioned work.

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