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Wild Seas

By February 1, 2011April 21st, 20217 Comments
Wild Seas
We moved this past weekend into our new home in Vancouver. It was a crazy couple of weeks as I tried to finish commissions, teach classes, say goodbyes, and get the house packed and ready to move. Now we are here and I am excited to put my studio back together. At least I have more time on this side to do that. Since I no longer feel as rushed, I can get back to blogging and to being inspired by other’s work.
The above painting was the last one I did for my Thursday class on the Wet Coast. It is a scene from the Oak Bay Marina parking lot looking south. I took the photo while trying to stand in the wind and the rain. The sea was magnificent with all the crashing of waves. I was pleased that I captured the color of the ocean on that particular morning. It really was such a beautiful color.
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